Fairchild FOD8342 3A Gate Drive Optocouplers


Fairchild Semiconductor FOD8342 3A output current gate drive optocouplers can drive medium-power IGBTs and MOSFETs. This Fairchild optocoupler series is ideal for fast-switching driving of power IGBTs and MOSFETS for motor control inverter applications and high-performance power systems. FOD8342 features high insulation voltage and high noise immunity.

FOD8342T achieves 8mm creepage and clearance distances through a stretched body package. FOD8342 devices feature an Aluminum Gallium Arsenide (AlGaAs) Light-Emitting Diode (LED) optically coupled to an integrated circuit with a high-speed driver for push-pull MOSFET output stage.

  • FOD8342T
    • Achieves reliable and high voltage insulation
      • 8mm creepage and clearance distance
      • 0.4mm insulation distance
  • 3A Peak output current driving capability for medium-power IGBTs & MOSFETs
    • Use of P-Channel MOSFETs at output stage enables output voltage swing close to supply rail
  • 20kV/μs minimum common mode rejection
  • 10V to 30V wide supply voltage range
  • Fast switching speed over full operating temperature range
    • 210ns maximum propagation delay
    • 65ns maximum pulse width distortion
  • Under-voltage lockout (UVLO) with hysteresis
  • -40°C to +100°C operating temperature range
  • Safety and Regulatory Approvals
    • UL1577, 5,000 VRMS for 1 Minute
    • DIN EN/IEC60747-5-5 (Pending approvals)
  • AC and brushless DC motor drives
  • Industrial inverters
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Induction heating
  • Isolated IGBT/power MOSFET gate drive

Functional Schematic
Functional Schematic