Analog Devices ADSP-CM40x ARM


Analog Devices ADSP-CM40x Mixed Signal Control Processors provide high performance processing, real-time control, and highly accurate analog-to-digital conversion for next-generation industrial motor drives and servos. The ADSP-CM40x Processors integrate an ARM® Cortex-M4™ core, dual 16-bit ADCs, digital accelerators, filters, and a rich set of peripherals. The ADSP-CM40x processors operate with 384kB SRAM, 2MB flash memory, and 240MHz core clock speed.

Up to 240MHz ARM Cortex-M4 with floating-point unit Full Speed USB on-the-go (OTG)
24-channel analog front end (AFE) with 16-bit ADCs Two CAN (controller area network) 2.0B interfaces
128K Byte to 384K Byte zero-wait-state L1 SRAM with 16K Byte L1 cache Three UART ports
Up to 2MB flash memory Two serial peripheral interface (SPI-compatible) ports
Single 3.3V power supply Three/four synchronous serial ports
Package Options: Eight 32bit GP timers, three capture timing units
176-lead (24mm × 24mm) LQFP package Four encoder interfaces, 2 with frequency division
120-lead (14mm × 14mm) LQFP package One TWI unit, fully compatible with I²C bus standard
212-ball (19mm × 19mm) BGA package Lightweight security
Static memory controller (SMC) with asynchronous memory interface that supports 8-bit and 16-bit memories
Enhanced PWM units
Four 3rd/4th order SINC filter pairs for glueless connection of sigma-delta modulators
Hardware-based harmonic analysis engine

Block Diagram